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Education and the desire to improve child healthcare globally through knowledge transfers is at the core of all of EIP's activities. We are a hub for sharing the latest developments and advice with all professionals involved in the care of children and adolescents by leveraging the collective expertise and wisdom of the leading global pediatric HCPs to facilitate an open exchange of scientific knowledge and clinical best practices.

EIP are utilising traditional face-to-face methods (such as the annual conference, lectures and courses) and coupling this with online resources (E-learning, webinars etc.).


Now in its 9th year, the Excellence in Pediatrics Conference will once again be a truly collaborative event designed for the benefit of frontline pediatric HCPs from across Europe and around the world. The 2017 Conference takes place from the 7-9 December in Vienna, Austria.

EIP, working in partnership with the WHO’s Health Behaviour in School-aged Children (HBSC) Programme, and a host of other associations, will host a joint meeting that offers the best available practical advice and education to all pediatric and adolescent healthcare professionals attending. The Conference’s ultimate goal is that by the end of the meeting delegates will be better prepared for the changing treatment and advice demands that they are facing from the children, adolescents and families they support.


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Free-to-View Webinars from the Leading Experts Promoted to 45,000+ HCPs Globally

The annual conference goes a long way in achieving EIP’s mission to share the latest developments and practical advice in pediatrics. But we want to build on the face-to-face education at the annual meeting by taking the learning outside the halls and arranging a series of free-to view webinars - hosted and promoted every month throughout the year. EIP's target is to increase awareness and knowledge among frontline child healthcare professionals through Peer-to-Peer education and sharing essential information. Webinar are delivered by international and national pediatric sub-specialists, in English and national languages. As well as being delivered live webinars are recorded and made available through EIP's Library and dedicated websites, available to 45,000 healthcare professionals connected to EIP, and many thousands more around the world.

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Overview of Past Editions of the Excellence in Pediatrics Conference

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