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The Excellence In Pediatrics Community is a busy network allowing members to engage in peer-to-peer learning, through our online communication platform that enables members to work collaboratively with their colleagues around the world. Our members are the heart of EIP, they decide on the strategy, the priorities and the activities of the Institute. They are sharing their knowledge, exchanging best practices and shaping the future of pediatrics contributing in terms of both content and ideas.

The Excellence In Pediatrics Community is open for individual healthcare professionals from all over the world to become members and is free to join and participate in. Annual Conference participants, along with the professionals who have joined the various Special Interest Networks, have become members and contribute in the Institute's mission and activities alongside colleagues from across the world. The Excellence in Pediatrics Institute has launched a dedicated platform and online Special Interest Groups that will allow you to collaborate, exchange knowledge, share experiences and practices.

All members' profiles are available openly through the Community Web Site. Members receive communication and updates several times per month on developments related to the Excellence In Pediatrics Institute and wider current issues and updates in pediatrics.

Make a Difference in an Area of Pediatrics that You are Passionate About

Pediatric healthcare professionals from around the world are encouraged to take part, and engage with fellow members of EiP's Special Interest Group by joining the Excellence in Pediatrics Community and then participating in as many of the Forums that are of interest to you.

By linking with other like minded individuals and organisations that have a shared passion for achieving change in a subspecialty you can help create and implement strategies using the Excellence in Pediatrics Institute as a platform. Join one or more of our Forums below and share knowledge, experiences and best practices with your colleagues from all over the world.  

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