LifeCourse Vaccinations Policy and Advocacy Group

Facilitating and Supporting Changes Through Collaboration

Advocacy, especially when uniting with others associations and groups, is an extremely powerful tool in facilitating changes to health care and policy. By standing together EIP’s Advocacy Initiatives aim to make the frontline pediatrician’s voice heard loud and clear. Over the past 9 years the Institute has organised a number of dedicated Health Policy meetings, Summits and Focus Group that have covered all aspects of Pediatrics from Vaccine Preventable Disease to Breastfeeding. By bringing together the key organisations, opinion leaders, association, and policymakers with frontline pediatricians we can not just plan out what needs to change, but implement initiatives that support the desired change.

LifeCourse Vaccinations Policy and Advocacy Group Meeting

Working Together to Make Sure Vaccinations are Accessible to All. Multi-stakeholders meeting to discuss policy changes across Europe, surveillance data & strategies over vaccine hesitancy.

The 2nd LifeCourse Vaccinations Policy and Advocacy Group Meeting will take place in Vienna on Friday 8th December 2017.

Many organisations involved in vaccinations are aligned and partners of the meeting, including ECDC, European Commission, WHO, CoMO, European Institute of Women's Health. The ultimate goals of the Group is to increase vaccination rates across Europe and to advocate universal immunity against all vaccines preventable diseases for all age groups. 

The multi stakeholders meeting will discuss the latest policy changes across all European Countries, the latest surveillance data, the strategies to overcome vaccine hesitancy and the coordination of actions to take in 2018 between the various participating organisations.

The meeting is part of a Europe-wide project that is tasked with ensuring that all age ranges, in all European states, eventually become vaccinated against preventable diseases through targeted, universal vaccination schedules. The initiative is clear that anyone is susceptible and therefore everyone should have the right to access prevention.

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Meeting Agenda

Section on POLICY
Policy changes mapping for each European country

  • Examine changes made or positive steps on vaccination policies across Europe (and within European countries) during 2017.
  • Examine the changes made on the support within the decision bodies of the European union.
  • Group will conclude if during the last year positive changes have been made towards the target of universal immunity against vaccine preventable diseases.
  • Policy changes mapping for each European country

Experts will present the surveillance and epidemiology data across Europe for 2017 and will inform on what should be expected for 2018.

  • Target to alert regions and countries and inform local medical community to be prepared ahead of 2018.
  • Data on vaccination uptake per country and across areas also presented to inform the Group of problems or successes experienced in each country 

Section on ADVOCACY
Aimed at overcoming vaccine hesitancy and increasing uptake across Europe

  • Launch of the "Challenging the common myths on Vaccines” campaign. Participating organisation will be asked to suggest content

Section on PLANNING
To coordinate and align the actions of all organisations involved in promotions of vaccinations across Europe.

  • Each organisation planning a number of activities already. Opportunity to examine if there is overlapping, if actions planned from one organisation could benefit another.
  • Combined actions and alliances that could create greater outreach. Each organisation participating in the meeting will present (a short 5min presentation) the plans for 2018.
  • Participating organisations contacted prior to the PFG and asked to complete a pre-meeting survey stating their initial plans for 2018 so that all PFG participants will be prepared to discuss and exchange views.  

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